Our Services

Concept Hair Design offers a range of services for men and women from style cuts to beautiful blow waves, vibrant colours, upstyles, facial waxing and tinting.

We are experts of our trade and love to create personalised colours to reflect our clients very own personality. We also specialise in colour corrective work and can help if you have had an unfortunate experience at another salon or at home. Your Concept Hair Design experience is always pleasurable because we pay attention to the little things. From the moment you walk through our doors you can sit back and relax while our experts get to work.

You can book online or call us on 02 6056 5651.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment  

Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a revolutionary treatment specially created to eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curls. This product restores hydration and instantly adds amazing shine and silkiness to hair. Its formula is enriched with white clay and cocoa oil to provide rich conditioning and frizz reduction, promoting an elegant transformation of your hair for a sleek, smooth, and radiant finish.

Enjoy ultra-luxurious hair with minimal effort and maximum impact! The active ingredients included in this formulation provide recovery for damaged and stressed hair types, for a deliciously soft and smooth result. Depending on your hair type and hairstyle, after the first treatment, you will already see a straightening effect of 40% to 100% for a duration of 3 to 5 months. 

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Creative Colour & Colour Correction 

At Concept Hair Design we offer colour corrective services if you have:

It is important to remember that colour correction is a process. It can often take several appointments to achieve desired results and the correct professional home hair care is a must. We will guide you with the process and give you realistic expectations and help you achieve your hair goals. 

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Style Cuts

At Concept Hair Salon our highly-trained stylists can create the perfect hairstyle for you. We offer hair appointments to men, women and children and are always happy to give you a complimentary consultation if it’s time for a change or you want to do something a little different with your hair.

Our styling team are highly trained and experienced to create precision haircuts including classic looks and on-trend hairstyles. We understand which hairstyles work best on particular face shapes, and can also deliver beautiful hair colours to complement your skin tone, eyes and sense of style.

Short & Pixie Hairstyles

At Concept Hair Design we can create a beautiful short hairstyle that suits you and will give you tips on how to style it too! The pixie hair cut is one of our most loved classic hairstyles – and for good reason. This is a chic short hairstyle that can look sophisticated, classic or edgy, depending on how you style your hair. If you are considering having your hair cut shorter, make sure you book in for a complimentary hair consultation so we can help you find a look that will suit you and give our best advice.

Bobs & Lobs

Bob and lob hairstyles are easy to maintain and look stylish on anybody, no matter what your age or style. Whether you want an easy-going long bob hairstyle or something sleek and sharp, Wodonga’s favourite hairdressers can give you the exact look and length you’re after.

Long Hairstyles

Long hair can be incredibly versatile but make sure it looks sensational by investing in a regular trim, perhaps some layers to give volume and movement, and a monthly conditioning treatment. Some people find it difficult to grow their hair – if this sounds like you, make sure you talk to a stylist who can offer advice. When it comes to styling long hair, the list of looks is endless. Wear it long and wavy, beachy curls, in a half-up half down style, plaited, straight or in a gorgeous upstyle!

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We offer style blow waves, beachy waves, perfect curls and elegant upstyles. Whether your event is lunch with the girls, Races day ready or your Wedding day we are here to help. We can travel to you for your group booking around North East Victoria and the Albury region.

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Silent Appointment Room

We have a quiet room available for all hair services except Keratin treatments. Our quiet room is perfect for those who feel a little overwhelmed, in need of a low sensory environment, some quite time or in need of some privacy.

You can request the room when booking online by adding ‘Silent appointment request’ along with your hair service of choice.

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Facial Waxing & Beauty Services

We offer facial waxing, brow tinting and lash tinting services. You can conveniently book these treatments with your next hair service, creating a one stop shop.

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Price List

* Please note all our prices are based on grams of premium colour used and time allocated for medium length hair type. All prices are a guide and are subject to change and vary on hair lengths and product usage. If you require a more exact quote please come into the salon for a consultation.

  • Style Cuts
    • Pixie, Bob to Lobs Wash & Style Cut
    • From $80.00
    • Long Wash & Style Cut
    • From $90.00
    • Overhaul Restyle, Wash & Style Cut
    • From $95.00
    • Fringe Trim
    • From $15.00
    • Men's Cut
    • From $42.00
    • Men's Clipper Cut
    • From $27.00
    • Children
    • From $40.00
    • High School Boy
    • From $39.00
    • High School Girl
    • From $78.00
  • Colours
    • ½ Head Foils, Style Cut & Blow Wave
    • From $265.00
    • Full Head of Foils, Style Cut & Blow Wave
    • From $304.00
    • Foils, Base Colour, Style Cut & Blow Wave
    • From $265.00
    • Regrowth Colour, Style Cut & Blow Wave
    • From $145.00
    • Base Colour All Over, Style Cut & Blow Wave
    • From $167.00
    • Balayage/Ombre, Style Cut & Blow Wave
    • From $335.00
    • Scalp Bleach Regrowth, Toner, Style Cut & Blow Wave
    • From $249.00
  • Styling
    • Blow Waves
    • From $50.00
    • Upstyles
    • From $80.00
    • Bridal Hair
    • From $150.00
    • Bridal Party on location / Out of Salon
    • From $1,200.00
  • Waxing & Tinting
    • Eyebrow Wax
    • $19.00
    • Lip Wax
    • $10.00
    • Chin
    • $15.00
    • Eyebrow Tint
    • $19.00
    • Eyelash Tint
    • $25.00
  • Cancellation Policy

    1. If you are a new client, you will be required to provide a $50.00 deposit to secure your first appointment, which will be deducted from the final cost of the full service provided.
    2. If you are a new or existing client, you will be required to note your credit card details at the bottom, to secure future appointments.
    3. If you are a new client and can’t provide credit card details, a $100.00 deposit must be paid to secure your first appointment. After your first appointment, clause 4 will apply.
    4. If you are an existing client and no credit card details can be provided, a $50.00 deposit must be paid to secure every next upcoming appointment.

    Cancellation & No Shows

    5. If you cancel or don’t show up to your appointment, as per clauses 6 to 9 below, you will be required to pay a deposit of $100.00 for all future appointments. Repeat offenders will be refused a future booking.
    6. If you:
    a. Cancel within 48 hours of; or
    b. Does not show up to; or
    c. Arrive late by 15 mins or more to
    your appointment, you may incur a $150.00 fee, or the full cost of the appointment, whichever is less. The amount will be deducted from the nominated card below, as per clause 11. If no credit card is nominated, the deposit paid will be automatically forfeited and the difference owing to the salon may be recovered from you.
    Note: there may be further incurred costs by you through a debt collection agency.
    7. Scheduled appointments can be cancelled if more than 48 hours’ notice is given by contacting the salon during business hours, via phone or email.
    8. Scheduled appointments cannot be cancelled on arrival of appointment.


    9. For cancellations only, the deposit may be refunded if more than 48 hours’ notice is given to the salon.
    10. We will not offer a refund if you simply change your mind about the service received or product purchased.
    11. As per the Australian Consumer law, refunds will only be offered if there is a major failure or minor problem that can’t be fixed within a reasonable time with a product sold or service provided to you that does not meet a consumer guarantee.

    Maintaining Records & Consent to Charge Credit Cards

    12. Our salon is committed about the privacy and confidentiality of personal and sensitive information. We ensure legal compliance by handling, protecting and maintaining the security of information acquired from you. 
    13. We are not responsible for the collection, distribution and handling of your personal and sensitive information by anyone who is not employed by our salon.
    14. It’s your responsibility to notify us of changes regarding personal contact and credit card details.
    15. If a clause applies that obliges you to pay, you authorise the salon to charge your nominated credit card below. 


    16. Our highly trained technicians provide professional colour results using the finest products available. Our salon cannot guarantee lasting results if you are not using our recommended home hair or if you swim regularly.
    17. As per the Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act, any problems with your service must be reported within one (1) week of the original appointment date and time, by contacting the salon during business hours, via phone or email. We will then fix the service or replace the product at no charge, within one (1) week of the report of the fault.

    Prices & Quotes

    18. All prices are subject to variation without notice and include GST.
    19. To obtain a quote, please contact the salon during business hours, via phone or email to schedule a free consultation.

    Occupational Health & Safety

    20. Due to Victoria’s strict OH&S laws, all children under the age of 18 that are not receiving a service, must remain seated on the front sofa and are not permitted to be on the salon floor. We work with hazardous chemicals, sharp and very hot tools, your child’s safety is important to us, and it should be to you too.
    21. We ask that children under the age of 18 are accompanied in the salon by adults at all times and carefully monitored.
    22. Be advised that personal items are your responsibility and the salon will not be held liable for any personal items that are lost or damaged.

    Ejection for the Premises

    23. Out of respect to clients who spend their hard-earned money to have valued relax and pamper time with us, if you and/or your children are unruly or loud, you will be asked to leave the salon.